VIDEO GAMES (Based on the movie only)


 THE TERMINATOR (Bethesda Softworks) 1990

 Developed and published by Bethesda Softworks. This is the very first game based on The Terminator movie. You take on the role of Kyle Reese and protect Sarah Connor from the cyborg sent back in time to kill her, or become the Terminator and eliminate Kyle and Sarah. Either way, the player chases his opponent through Los Angeles buying or stealing weapons and equipment while attempting to eliminate his enemy and avoid the police. The gameplay itself is quite good and enjoyable, as are impressive animated cutscenes and title screens.



THE TERMINATOR NES (Radical Entertainment) 1992

Nintendo players also got a taste of the first Terminator as it graced the NES and SNES in 1992 and 1993 respectively. Developed by Gray Matter and published by Mindscape, the game features side-scrolling, shooting action.



 THE TERMINATOR  SEGA (Virgin Software) 1992

The first Terminator film made its belated game appearance on the Sega consoles (Mega Drive, Master System, and Game Gear) when Virgin Games released a platform action game in 1992. Coded by Probe Software, the game featured gameplay based on the first film: future soldier Kyle Reese going back in time to Los Angeles, 1984 to protect Sarah Connor from the Terminator. It features some great presentation, sound effects, music, and gameplay.



An action game developed by Paradigm Entertainment and published by Infogrames. It was released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.
This game is based before and during the events that lead up to Kyle Reese being sent through the time displacement equipment, to protect Sarah Connor.
The story introduces players to Skynet models not previously seen and introduces hybrid human/cyborg soldiers created by Skynet.
The character of Perry, mentioned in the first Terminator film, appears as a major playable character in the game.


The Terminator Original Soundtrack


Total playing time is 35:39. Includes 5 pop/rock songs featured in the movie

1. The Terminator Theme                                              7. You Can't Do That - Tahnee Cain & Tryanglz                    
2. Terminator Arrival                                                     8. Burnin' In The Third Degree - Tahnee Cain & Tryanglz
3. Tunnel Chase                                                           9. Pictures Of You - Jay Ferguson & 16mm
4. Love Scene                                                            10. Photoplay - Tahnee Cain & Tryanglz
5. Future Remembered                                               11. Intimacy - Linn Van Hek
6. Factory Chase





The Terminator: The Definitive Edition

Total playing time is 72:15. None of the pop/rock songs are included. Instead, much more original material from Brad Fiedel is featured on  this special edition.

1. Theme from "The Terminator"                                     11. Police Station/Escape from Police Station
2. The "The Terminator" Main Title                                  12. Future Flashback/Terminator Infiltration
3. Terminator's Arrival                                                    13. Conversation by the Window/Love Scene
4. Reese Chased                                                         14. Tunnel Chase
5. Sarah on Her Motorbike                                            15. Death by Fire/Terminator Gets Up
6. Gun Shop/Reese in Alley                                          16. Factory Chase
7. Sarah in the Bar                                                        17. Reese's Death/Terminator Sits up/"You're Terminated"
8. Tech Noir/Alley Chase                                              18. Sarah's Destiny/The Coming Storm

9. Garage Chase                                                         
19. Theme from "The Terminator" [Mix]

10. Arm & Eye Surgery








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