58. The building that posed as the Cyberdyne Systems headquarter is located in Fremont, California and is currently occupied by Mattson Inc, which designs, manufactures, and markets semiconductor wafer processing equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits.

59. The building didn't change at all and the surroundings are relatively unchanged as well. The trees that weren't mowed down by T-800's minigun fire are now fully grown and the parking signs are erected

60. The entrance to the building and the parking lot also didn't change at all

61. In order to make the building appear even bigger, five additional floors were faked with a glass facade


62. It is interesting to note that the Freeway chase travels from north to south along the freeway and the order of notable features in the movie generally matches the order of those same features on the actual freeway. They didn't bounce around using random snippets of the freeway to film the chase, although they did recycle some areas.

The T-800 and the T-1000 are traveling south along the freeway. This first set of pictures is from the north side of the bridge traveling south. The bridge has received upgrades over the years including pillar reinforcements and new fences on top, but is still substantially the same as it was in T2. This is the only bridge of this type along the freeway.

63. These shots are from the south side of the bridge traveling north

64. After the T-1000 flies under the bridge, it continues the chase. Soon, it encounters a pedestrian bridge that it must fly over

65. After this, Sarah gets shot. The T-800 forces the T-1000 to crash into the back of the SWAT van, causing both the helicopter and the SWAT van to crash. Note the K-rail divider, the low fence on the right side, and the large storage tanks in the background.

66. Everyone acquires alternate transportation, and the chase continues. The second half of the freeway chase takes place mainly on the lift bridge. Note the strong similarities of the girder structure.

67. Next to the main lift bridge is a second lift bridge that is intended for trains. It can be seen on the right side of the T2 screenshot showing the rear of the pickup truck. When driving south, that second lift bridge is to the right of the main lift bridge, and when driving north, it is to the left of the main lift bridge.

68. Also, portions of the bridge have steel mesh instead of concrete or asphalt.

69. Here's an overview of the lift bridge

70. The T-800 decides to have John exit the freeway. He takes this offramp


71. At the end of the offramp is the steel mill, which John drives into.


72. The main building is obviously the same, though the entrance no longer matches what was seen with T2. While part of it has to do with the absence of the set dressing used in T2, there also is an addition to the building that didn't exist when T2 was being filmed.

All photos and descriptions other than Cyberdyne Fremont location*  by David Drummond

*Cyberdyne Building photos by David Blanchard and Ednan Khera

Edited by Adrian Czarny