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43. John and the T-800 stop at a liquor store so John can call his foster parents to warn them about the T-1000. While the locations had changed a bit, there are a number of similarities. The right leg of the orange juice billboard is visible in the movie, as is the horizontal cross member. The fence is the same, including the narrow, steeply sloped section next to the liquor store. The liquor store sign is the same, and while it's difficult to see in the movie screenshot, the roof lines of buildings in the background on the right seem to match.

44. Also note the yellow parking poles


45. After escaping from Pescadero, the protagonists find a gas station to hide in for the night. The gas station looks significantly different today, but the building on the opposite corner still exists and is relatively unchanged. On 90th Street East, there are two entrances to the gas station. In the movie, there appears to be a power pole between the two entrances. It's gone today, but there's a circular patch on the sidewalk where the pole used to be. In the background are power poles with three tiers for the power lines. One of the power poles can be seen in the movie. Over the years the intersection has been upgraded from stop signs to traffic lights, but the lots directly across the street from the gas station are still undeveloped.

46. The next morning, it's time to leave in a newly-stolen station wagon. The building next to the gas station has been torn down, but a restaurant in the background still exists today. In front of it, a distinctive power pole with transformer and a speed limit sign are visible. The mountains in the background match as well.

47. Here's what the gas station looks like today.


48. John, Sarah, and the T-800 stop for gas and food on their way to the Salceda ranch. Though the windows are boarded up, the building is still recognizable. One of the two doors has been walled over, but a square box still exists above where the door used to be. In the lot, the pole for the cafe sign still exists. In the background, the mountains match, although the snow makes it hard to follow the contour. Residences are visible in the background, and the power pole near the mailboxes still exists. The individual mailboxes have been replaced with one larger mailbox.

49. John lectures the Terminator on its attitude. In the background, a weather-beaten sign still exists. A side road is visible, and a street sign is in the correct location. The power poles match, particularly one with two transformers on it.

50. John is explaining the concept of smiling to the T-800. The building is of the correct brick construction, and the lighting under the eave matches. The power lines can be seen in the background.

51. Target acquired. The T-800 analyzes a smile. The phone booth no longer exists, but a wooden post and an electrical box still exist.

52. John and the the T-800 watch two children play-fighting. The power poles match, particularly one of the closest ones, which has reflective stripes on it. A couple of poles back, a transformer is attached to the power pole. The perspective is a bit off, but the mountains in the background match.

53. John, Sarah, and the T-800 are on their way to to the Salceda ranch. More of the red fence is visible, and there's a house behind the fence.


54. Sarah, John, and the Terminator approach the Salceda ranch. In all these comparisons, the only point of reference is the mountains, but there's no doubt that this is the correct location. The contour of the mountains is an exact match. The scale is a bit different between the two shots, so it's easiest to start at the left and follow the features.

55. Sarah field-strips an M-16. A different set of mountains can be seen in the background. Not only does the contour match, but the shadows reveal the matching terrain features of the mountains.

56. Sarah drives off to kill Miles Dyson. As usual, the contour of the mountains match. There may be some matching Joshua trees in this shot as well. While this shot also shows the distant mountains, it lacks the level of detail seen in the second comparison shot above.


57. Judgment Day has constantly been on Sarah's mind. She's had the same nightmare about it every night. They always take place at a park with a view of the Los Angeles city center. The shots were filmed at Elysian park, which is just north of the Los Angeles city center and Dodger stadium. While new buildings have been constructed, there are enough older buildings in place that it's easy to compare the skyline.

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All photos and descriptions  by David Drummond

Edited by Adrian Czarny